The tompostpile Goes to Sea. Unexpectedly.


A few days ago my cell phone rang.

My cracked-screen, ancient cell phone made in 2007 or so, is a gift from the «old electronics» drawer of a child who years ago had pity for me the last time my phone died. I don’t mind using what many people now call an antique. The «average person» gets a new device every eighteen months or so. Which means that every day, in the USA, up to a half million phones are junked. That kind of waste is just plain appalling.

But I digress.

On the phone was a young man I know, who invited me to join the crew on an old sailboat, to run in the 26th annual Pat West Gaff-rigged race. The boat we were to sail on was the «Venture», once owned by the man for whom the race is named.

Such a sail is a not-to-be-refused opportunity, so I said…

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Ciudadano en contra del #Racismo de clases sociales, culturales, Étnicas, Razas, Religiosas, Géneros, Somos una sola raza Humana con diferentes personas. Πολίτης ενάντια στους #ρατσισμούς τάξεων, εθνικοτήτων, Φυλών, θρησκειών, Είμαστε Μια άνθρωποτήτα με διαφορετικά άτομα
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