Ilya Segalovich, Co-Founder And CTO Of Russian Search Giant Yandex, Passes Away From Cancer Complications


UPDATE: Yandex’s CEO, Arkady Volozh, has officially announced that Ilya Segalovich has passed away, today, Sunday July 28. (Earlier: Yandex, sadly, announced Segalovich’s death prematurely. A company spokesperson informed media early today that Segalovich is still alive, although on life support in a coma and does not show any brain function.) Again, our thoughts are with his family and friends.

Very sad news this morning for Yandex — «the Google of Russia» — and for the country’s wider technology community: Ilya Segalovich, Yandex’s co-founder and CTO, has passed away from cancer complications. He was 48.

«Ilya had been responding well to cancer treatment before unexpectedly succumbing to complications early this morning,» a spokesperson told TechCrunch. The official company statement includes a note from Arkady Volozh, the other co-founder and CEO, who was also a friend of Segalovich:

«Ilya was a friend of life and this is a terrible…

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