Why the military is a game changer for clean power


U.S. military strategies are often cloaked in secrecy, but the American military’s very public plan to use more clean power offers a bright spot for solar companies, from tech startups to project developers. It’s not just on the rooftops of military facilities, but soldiers on the battlefield are interested in clean power technologies as a strategic tool for off-grid, light-weight combat.

In his plan to fight climate change last week, President Obama reiterated how the Department of Defense, the largest energy use in the country, plans to install 3 GW of clean power at its facilities by 2025. At the same time, over in New Mexico, SolarCity recently installed solar panels on 600 military homes as part of its larger, 5-year plan to put solar panels on roughly 120,000 military homes across the country, the California company said Wednesday.

Solaria in NM Army baseThe military also embraces the concept of the microgrid, which…

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